Industrial & Occupational Injury or Disease

Exposure to excessive dust, chemicals and fumes, or to vibration and excessive noise can cause debilitating injury or disease.

These conditions can develop quickly or can take months or even years. These diseases can be debilitating and have a profound affect on your life.

We have experience and have pursued claims, winning compensation for clients in industrial disease claims and work-related asbestos claims. We will work closely with the appropriate engineering and medical experts to ensure your claim is properly supported.

In claims such as these, evidence gathering and investigation can take time. We will need to prove that the conditions that you worked in were poor and that your employer was negligent.

Details of your employment history is crucial, we uonditions that have caused your illness or injury. Some clients have had numerous employers and find it difficult to recall specific details sually require a detailed work history to include all employers since leaving school and describing all the jobs that brought you into contact with the c or events and to assist we will obtain a work history from the National Insurance Contributions Office.

Also, some defendants may have ceased trading and we can take various steps to try and identify the insurers during your period of employment.

If your disease was caused by your employment you may be able to make a claim for Industrial Disease Disablement Benefit. The amount you are entitled to will depend on your age and the severity of your disability. This is something we can advise upon and consider with you.

If you have been injured and succeed in a claim you will be able to recover compensation.

There are several ways in which a personal injury claim can be funded, including a “No Win, No Fee” agreement (CFA), which we will discuss with you during your initial assessment.

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