Motoring & Road Traffic Offences

Motoring Offences & Your Driving Licence

Worried about losing your driving licence? We are very aware about how important keeping your driving licence is to a car owner. Whether you are a “New Driver” who has recently passed your test, an experienced driver who has been driving for several years, or a professional driver, the consequences for losing your licence can be enormous. We are aware that it can potentially cause you to lose your liberty, employment and/or reputation.

With some driving offences, if you are worried about losing your licence, in many cases we can argue "exceptional hardship" or "special reasons" on your behalf which, if successful, would mean you could avoid a driving ban.

Our Solicitors are experienced in representing individuals for motoring and road traffic offences, including:

  • Appeals against conviction and/or sentence
  • Careless driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Death by dangerous driving
  • Drink driving/Drunk in charge
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Driving without insurance
  • Drug driving
  • Early return of driving licence
  • Failure to provide a specimen
  • Failing to stop/report
  • Mobile phone offences
  • New drivers
  • Professional/HGV drivers
  • Racing
  • Speeding
  • Totting up – 12 points

Because we know what the consequences are if you lose your licence, we fight to protect the rights of our clients.

Consultation and Representation
We offer an initial consultation where we can assess your legal situation and advise you of the options available to you.

If you are asked to attend an interview at the Police Station, we are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year including Christmas. Our service is FREE if we attend the Police Station with you and you will receive advice from our experienced lawyers.

If you are summonsed or bailed to attend Court, we can represent you at Court with our Solicitors and Barristers. We can also make representations to the Crown Prosecution to drop the case without your case being brought to trial in the first instance.

Legal Aid
You may be entitled to Legal Aid for criminal proceedings. This is assessed by a financial test and a test to establish if your case is serious enough to be granted Legal Aid. In most circumstances, this means that cases where there is a risk of imprisonment will be considered serious enough for Legal Aid to be granted and then it is simply a matter of establishing your earnings to determine whether Legal Aid will be granted.

If you are eligible for Legal Aid, we will make an application for you and you may receive the legal representation we provide without you having to make any contribution whatsoever.

Private Representation
If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, we can still represent you for your motoring matter. In these circumstances you will have to pay for our representation. The advantage of paying for us to represent you is that we can discuss the options available to you and ensure the service we provide is tailored to your needs.

We are happy to provide “Fixed Fee” quotes which means you will know exactly how much you will be paying for our representation with the comfort that you will not be hit with any unexpected additional charges. If you prefer, we can provide an hourly rate estimate as an alternative.

Do I need a lawyer?
There are a variety of potential motoring and road traffic offences you could be accused of. If you have a professional adviser they can often set your mind at rest. There are also several complex and technical defences that we can advise you of from the outset which can prevent you from being in a situation where you must attend Court and run the risk of either accruing penalty points or losing your licence.

Given that we offer an initial consultation to assess your case, you have nothing to lose by speaking to one of our team and this initial advice and our subsequent representation could mean that you keep your licence when potentially you may not have done so had you not spoken with us.

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