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We are very aware about how important keeping your driving licence is to a car owner. Whether you are a “New Driver” who has recently passed your test, an experienced driver who has been driving for several years, or a professional driver, the consequences for losing your licence can be enormous. We are aware that it can potentially cause you to lose your liberty, employment and/or reputation.

With some driving offences, if you are worried about losing your licence, in many cases we can argue "exceptional hardship" (where you must establish that being disqualified would cause you or others connected to you, your family or business, exceptional hardship), or "special reasons"  on your behalf (where you must prove you had an unusual circumstance, for example, spiked drinks) which, if successful, would mean you could avoid a driving ban.

We understand the stress involved in dealing with a motoring offence and it is therefore our aim to be clear in the delivery of our fee structure.

For the provision of advice and representation at the Magistrates Court in relation to summary only road traffic offences dealt with at a single hearing:

Guilty Plea; We charge a fee of £400.00 + VAT, based on our rate of £100.00 + VAT per hour, on average for this work and estimate the provision of 4 hours involvement for a guilty plea.

This estimate is just an average price based on recent instructions and upon the presumption that you have entered a guilty plea and have a date for your hearing; the actual cost to you will depend on a number of factors which we will discuss with you if you decide to instruct us.

The charge is based on our average hourly charging-rate of £100.00 + VAT per hour, which may vary.

There may be other costs on top. These are fees and charges we will need to pay on your behalf as part of the process, such as counsel’s or expert’s fees.

The work we will carry out will involve:

  • Ascertaining the charge brought
  • Taking your instructions, advising on and entering a plea
  • Consideration of prosecution evidence
  • Preparing you for a Court attendance
  • Advising on likely sentence
  • Attendance at the Magistrates Court in order to deal with the hearing, and any consequent sentencing
  • Advising on possible appeals

Our fees do not include advising on possible appeals, any external costs and charges that may be incurred as part of the process (eg. fines, penalties, instruction of any expert witness, taking witness statements, criminal liabilities). Further, if you do appeal, this will entail further cost. You will also be responsible for costs of these items.

Not Guilty Plea;
If you decide to enter a not guilty plea, we will charge a basic fee of £800.00 + VAT and any additional fees will be charged at £100.00 + VAT per hour to include all preparation for trial. If you plead not guilty and take your case to trial, a solicitor will prepare your case for you.

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The benefits of instructing a lawyer
There are a variety of potential motoring and road traffic offences you could be accused of. If you have a professional adviser they can often set your mind at rest. There are also several complex and technical defences that we can advise you of from the outset which can prevent you from being in a situation where you must attend Court and run the risk of either accruing penalty points or losing your licence.

Given that we offer an initial consultation to assess your case, you have nothing to lose by speaking to one of our team and this initial advice and our subsequent representation could mean that you keep your licence when potentially you may not have done so had you not spoken with us.

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  • Duty Solicitor work
  • Criminal work generally
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