Claims for an injury from an animal related accident

Hundreds of accidents are caused by animals each year. If you have suffered an injury caused by an animal you may be able to claim compensation. Surrounded by agricultural land and with farming as a significant form of local employment, it is no suprise that as a Devon-based firm of solicitors, we have huge expertise in the field of accidents involving animals.

The most common examples of claims arise from the following:
1. Dog bites
2. Farm animals escaping onto highway and causing accidents
3. Members of the public or employees being charged by farm animals

Generally speaking an owner of an animal is responsible for the actions/behaviour of that animal as they exercise control over it. Claims, however, are not always straightforward, for example, in a dog bite claim it has to be established that the dog had a previous history of behavioural problems or have bitten before.

Farm animals by their nature are unpredictable and because of their size if not treated or looked after with care can, if they escape or charge, cause serious injury. Therefore the owner of the animal needs to take steps to protect the public if they have access to his land and also have a duty to ensure that their employees have received appropriate training and appropriate equipment is available before an employee is allowed to work with the animals.

Our team have extensive experience of dealing with claims of this nature and have a sound understanding of the Animals Act 1971. If you think you may have a claim, please contact us to discuss.

Recent Success:

  • Mr H was employed as a casual farm hand and was asked to work with a bull whilst in the crush. He had not received any training on how to work with the bull and had not received instruction on how to use the crush. Mr H got inside the crush with the bull and was attacked. He sustained a punctured lung and was treated in intensive care. Mr H recovered £53,000 in compensation.

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