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Care proceedings are Court proceedings brought by the Local Authority where they may make an application for a “Care Order” or “Supervision Order” in respect of a child. Care proceedings are highly emotional and we have extensive experience in representing parents, children, grandparents and extended family members. Given the traumatic nature of the proceedings, we deal with these cases professionally, sensitively and with expertise.

Duties of the Local Authority

The Local Authority will take action to protect children who they have reasonable grounds to believe are suffering harm or are likely to suffer harm if protective measures are not put in place. The Local Authority has a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children within its locality.

Care Order
A Care Order places a child under the care of the Local Authority. A Care Order also gives the Local Authority Parental Responsibility for the child in care. The Local Authority will provide accommodation and maintenance for the child. Children that are subject to Care Orders can be returned to their parents.

Supervision Order
A Supervision Order places a child under the supervision of the Local Authority. The child can reside at home, but typically there are conditions in place and an agreement will be drawn up between the Local Authority and the parents. During the period that the child is under a Supervision Order, a social worker will work closely with the family and will assist with any questions and queries that the parents may have.

If you have any concerns regarding Social Services, PLO Meetings, Child Protection, Care Proceedings or Adoption please contact one of our family solicitors immediately for advice. You may be entitled to Legal Aid to fund a case of this type.

Work involving the Local Authority is a specialised area of family law. Here at Rundlewalker, we have experts in this area who can provide advice to you during what is normally a very highly emotional experience for all involved.

Please contact Sue Jury, the solicitor in our team who specialises in childrens cases. Sue is a member of The Law Society Children Law Scheme and a Resolution Accredited Specialist.

Please contact our Family Law Team by telephone on 01392 209209. If you choose to email, please provide a contact telephone number and we will call you at the earliest opportunity.

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